In this section you will find the answers to many common questions! Please be sure to read this section fully before reaching out, not because I don't love talking to you I just think you can get a quicker answer below!


The first few FAQs are time sensitive questions!


Oh no did you checkout with the wrong shipping address! Now what?


Please know we need you to act quickly so we can ensure to get your address changed in the ship fulfillment companies program before they begin packing your order! When I say quickly I mean it’s possible they begin packing your order in the first 30 mins of receiving it!

Please, quickly message us through the contact icon on the bottom left!

Make sure you include the correct name your order was placed under which can be found on your purchase invoice. This makes sure we locate your order in the system quickly!

Also be sure to include your order # this is so we make sure to correct the correct haha order!

Oh and don’t forget to provide your full shipping address! Please be sure the address you provide is identical to the address that appears on your mail, tiny little changes can throw the address verification process for a loop!


Do you have allergies?

Message us through the contact icon on the bottom left!


Make sure to include what offering you are specifically interested in, what herb, oil, or otherwise that you need to avoid.

If your allergy is life-threatening such as anaphylactic shock please wait for our reply prior to purchasing.


How long will my order take to ship?

Your order may take between 3-8 business days. Please understand business days do not include weekends or calendar holidays.

Can you add or remove items from orders or combine multiple orders?

I’m so sorry but we are not able to do so, even prior to switching to a ship fulfillment company this was not something we offered. Why?

Shipping systems even very complex ones do not show a person's multiple orders all in one place, meaning it would take an extreme amount of effort to sort through all 1200+ orders to find all of any one person's orders to combine them.

But no worries all of your orders will ship quickly so all orders should arrive around the same time! You will also be provided with individual tracking numbers for each and every order placed.

Are you moving right after placing an order?

Please be sure to go online to the USPS website and fill out a mail forwarding request, we can not hold your order for you or guarantee it will not arrive to your old address before you move or to your new address before you get there.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes! With ease! However please understand that you are responsible for paying your import taxes at time of pick up if your country requires them.

What is a handling fee?

This fee is attached to shipping to cover the cost of packaging materials as well as the cost to have your order picked and packed by the ship fulfillment company.

What is a ship fulfillment center?

This is basically a company that’s job is to ship out online retailers products. They have the staff, software, and experience it takes to ship out orders efficiently and in a timely manner.


Forgot to add your coupon code before checking out?

Unfortunately there is no way to apply a code after you have already placed your order, no worries though i send out new coupon codes for ALL recent reviews left in the shop before every shop update!

Can’t find something you’re looking for in the shop?

If you have thoroughly searched all sections of the shop as well as the items name such as “Honeyed pine salve” odds are good it has sold out! Has the shop only been open for a few moments? Yes, things really can sell out that quickly!

What are your offerings made of?

All of my salves/balms/butters/creams are made with ethically wildcrafted whole herbs from contaminant free areas, organically grown in my personal garden or sourced from an organic producer within the united states. I only use organic oils, beeswax, and tallows.

My oils of choice are Avocado, Safflower, Coconut oil.

All salves, balms, body butters contain beeswax.

Many salves, balms, butters, and creams contain tallow.

The word tallow means animal fat.

I use absolutely no essential oils.

All of my oils are infused with herbals for 4-6+ weeks at a time away from the sun for deep slow and patient infusion of each plants herbal properties.

For creams/butters that contain water content, I use a proper FDA approved paraben free preservative at a minuscule but effective 0.2% level to prevent very dangerous contaminants such as molds/bacteria/yeast.

All metal tins are approved for heat contact, all plastics used are recycled and BPA free, all glass jars are lead-free.


What offerings are vegan?

Any tincture (excluding elixirs).

Body serums/oils.

Body gels.

How long will “xyz” last for?

A best by date is printed on all salves/balms/butters/creams, however, in general, it is best to use these types of offerings in a one-year time frame, after that they tend to lose their potency.

Tinctures/elixirs never go bad really but it is best to use them within a 3-5 year time frame as evaporation, especially in hot climates, can slowly occur.

Infused honey or electuaries should be used in a year.

What herbs are used in your “xyz” offering?

Items like tinctures will specify on the label what herb has been used.

Unfortunately, I am bombarded constantly by other shops, herbalists, companies for my personal and family recipes that it is impossible for me to know who is genuinely just curious and who intends to imitate me. Because of this, I do not share my ingredient for nonallergic or personal aversion specific requests.

However, all offerings have their ingredients clearly listed on the label.


Did you add something to your cart and it was missing at checkout?

Sadly this was not a technical issue so much as this is how online shopping carts work if an item sells out before you checkout it will go missing from you cart.