Returns & Refunds Policy

Here you will find our cut and dry returns & refunds information

Covid19 impact:

For the safety of the hard working people at our ship fulfillment company we are temporarily suspending our returns policy. Please know this means any items even if un-tampered with will not eligible for return or refunds.

This is due to the covid19 viruses ability to exist on surfaces for up to 4 days and the potential transmission of the disease to folks who are working really hard to self isolate and still functions as a critically essential business. With this being said we will only be offering refunds/store credits for items that meet the guidelines of "at fault" on our part.

Here are a few examples:

If you buy a salve and decided you'd like to return it unused this is no longer possible for safety purposes.

If you buy a salve and we send you the incorrect one (accidents happen!)we will gladly issue a refund and you can keep or dispose of the incorrect item. Thank you for your understanding during these difficult times and as soon as we are able we will put our previous refund policy back into place.

Due to the nature of our products we only accept returns within limited circumstances. Why?

Because to remain cGMP compliant all returned items essentially must be destroyed and this makes us really sad!

So when do we accept returns?

Within 2 business days of an item being delivered and verified through USPS tracking # any item purchased may be returned if the following criteria is met. When notifying us of a return a valid tracking number must be provided.

An item must be 100% unused, un-sampled, un-opened.

It must be in it's original unopened tamper evident packaging with the external SKU and product name label intact. Why?

This ensures the product ordered has not been tampered with.

So please understand that opening the plastic pouch your product arrived in constitutes as "use" because after that we have no way to ensure the product has not be adulterated. See example of acceptable for return items below.


We automatically accept returns if wrong items were received! If this should occur please message us right away and our ship fulfillment company will send you the correct item purchased and will included a prepaid return package. Simply slip in your unused incorrect item into the package and pop it in your mailbox for pickup!

Opened packaging returns are only accepted if a product is not as described. Please note here we mean the literal description not how an item was imagined to be on the buyers behalf. 

For example:

Product Description~"Perfume with very subtle vanilla scent." Reason for wanting to return~"I thought this perfume would smell very strongly of oranges!".

We do not accept returns based on lack of reading descriptions in full. 

For example:

Product Description~ "All of our salves contain beeswax." Reason for wanting to return~ "I did not know this salve contained beeswax!"

A lot of time goes into making information available for you and taking the time to read our words can prevent a lot of mix ups!

Please read descriptions in full before purchasing.

My order was lost in the mail or stolen out of my mailbox! Now what?

Please understand that once your order ships we are no longer in control of what happens to your items, there are a few circumstances in which we can help though!

If an item was lost in the mail and you paid for priority shipping we will file a claim, as soon as the claim is accepted we will issue a full refund. Please note if a package is marked as delivered we can not file a claim.

If an item was lost in the mail and you selected ground shipping at checkout we can not file a claim. At this point in time we will submit a mail recovery request with the USPS. After an additional five business days if nothing is found and no movement is seen we will issue a store credit.

If a package is marked delivered via tracking but is not in your mailbox please

a.) check with your neighbors to see if it was delivered to them.

b.) check with your mail person to see if they recall delivering it.

c.) check with your post office to see if they have it. 

Many times packages marked as delivered can be found doing the above steps. If you suspect an items has been stolen from you mail box please file a postal theft report with you local authorities.

Once an item is marked as "delivered" no refunds or store credits will be issued. However if the package should arrive as a return to our shipping facility we will gladly notify you and reship your order.

What about exchanges or cancellations?

We do not accept exchanges due to the nature of our products.

We do not accept single item cancellations from within an order due to using a ship fulfillment center who may not receive notice of your cancellation request prior to shipping out your now unpaid for item(s).

We do accept cancellations within the first hour of placing a weekday order or the first 24 hours of a saturday/sunday order. Why such a short window? We use a ship fulfillment company that downloads our orders daily, if they do so before an order is cancelled there is a real possibility the items will be shipped to you anyhow.

When do we issue refunds?

Refunds will only be issued under the following circumstances:

If an item is in an unopened / unused state (see example above) and a return tracking number is provided within the first 48 hours of tracking verified arrival we happily accept agreed upon returns. We may ask for photos showing that items have not been used/removed from their protective pouch. Only the original shipping cost will be refunded, we are not liable for return shipping costs.

If an incorrect item was sent and we do not have the ability to ship the correct one due to no stock on hand. At this point in time we will issue an automatic full refund to the payment processor you utilized during checkout. The time it takes for funds to be credited to your account varies between providers. 

If the correct item is in stock and you forgo having it mailed to you we will refund any price difference. For example: An item you bought was $10.00 but the item you received only cost $5.00 we would only refund the $5.00 cost difference.

If an item is missing from your order and the stock is on hand we will immediately ship your item. If we do not have the stock on hand we will immediately refund the missing items cost. 

We can not send a differing item in place of the missing item as this causes our inventory count to be off. 

All other circumstances that include used or unused products that may arise may or may not be issued in store credit or refunded at our discretion, restocking fees may be held back from any credit and or refund issued.

Store credit and or refunds for returns will be issued upon receiving a verified tracking number to an approved return address.

Sending an unapproved return will not result in store credit or a refund and the returned item may be disposed of on your behalf.

If your item(s) meets qualifications for a return after contacting us you may send your return to:

Wild Wood Apothecary RETURN

701 Mistletoe Rd, Ashland, OR 97520