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Coupon Code & Reward Program Questions:

  • I forgot to add my coupon code before checkout can you apply it retroactively?

Sadly no, but the good news is the codes you may have received from the rewards program do not expire until used so you can use them on your next order.

  • I can't get my coupon code to work?

Make sure you copy/paste the code as any typos or added/lack of capitalization can prevent them from working. Also, we have seen issues when people have their currency set to anything but USD, you can add what you want to your cart in your individual currency then switch to USD before checking out, this may resolve your issue.

Please Note: We are no longer allowed to issue coupon codes for reviews left in the shop, this means any codes you have not used that were emailed out after leaving a review are no longer active. Sorry for the inconvenience but it’s incredibly important that we follow all regulations.

  • I have more than one coupon can I use them all on one order?

Sorry, our system only accepts one code per checkout session but your codes likely won’t expire until used.

  • I cashed out my rewards points for a code & can’t find it?

You can log into your rewards program by clicking the gift box icon on the bottom right screen of the website, from there you can retrieve any unused code.

  • I got an email saying I have points, how do I use them?

Log into your rewards program by clicking the gift box icon on the bottom right screen of the website, from there you can see how many points you have accumulated and if you have enough can cash them out for rewards.

  • I purchased some things but I don’t see my points?

The system typically waits until an order has been fully processed to issue point, also if you checkout as a guest there is no way for the system to apply rewards to your user account.

Base ingredients:

All of my salves/balms/butters/creams are made with ethically wild crafted whole herbs from contaminant free areas, organically grown in my personal garden or sourced from an organic producer. I only use organic oils, beeswax, and tallows. 

My oil of choice is Avocado, occasionally castor, and sweet almond oil.

All salves, balms, body butters contain beeswax.

Many salves, balms, butters, and creams contain tallow.

The word tallow means fat from a red meat animal.

I use absolutely no essential oils.

All of my oils are infused with herbals for 3-6+ weeks at a time away from the sun for deep slow and patient infusion of each plants herbal properties.

For creams/butters that contain water content, I use a proper FDA approved paraben free preservative at a minuscule but effective 0.2%-0.5% level to prevent very dangerous contaminants such as molds/bacteria/yeast.

All metal tins are approved for heat contact, all plastics used are recycled and BPA free, all glass jars are lead-free.


Specific Ingredients Request Questions:

Please know because April has such an insanely high demand for her offerings she has a serious problem with people outright copying her creations right down to pretending to sell her items & part of this is recipe thievery. Because of this and the dangers of making a recipe that someone may not understand the “why’s” of when offering to the public, we do not list our ingredients publicly nor send them when requested.

All tinctures are single herb creations so, for example, if it says "mullein tincture" the ingredients are mullein and 100 proof vodka.

However, if you have an herb and or ingredient that you are allergic to or have an aversion to we are happy to let you know if it is contained within an offering. Simply let us know what you need/want to avoid.

Of course, all ingredients will be listed on any offering you do call home! In other words, if you’re trying to snatch a recipe from April you’ll at the very least have to buy something to do so haha.


What offerings are vegan?

Any tincture (excluding elixirs).

Body serums/oils.

Body gels.

How long will “xyz” last for?

Best used by dates are printed on all salves/balms/butters/creams and beyond, however, best by dates are no the same as use by dates. Many offerings are perfectly fine past the 6 month to 2 year best by date, as always use discretion.