Wild Blue Elder Fire Cider 60ml

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 Fire Cider

(Alcohol Free)


*Fire Cider is an excellent way to help our bodies natural immune system functions during cold & flu season! While there are many ways to make fire cider (that's the beauty of it!) this season I really focused  in on what I felt would be the most supportive for all.

*Blue Elderberry is well known for supporting our bodies naturally ability to detect the many viruses that try their best to get into our bodies, she is also believed to help our bod naturally cope with inflammation, and even seasonal allergies.

*Thyme is another ally that supports our natural immune functions but I chose to add her here due to her unique ability to support our bodies natural functions during times of both upper & lower respiratory infections rather they be of viral or bacterial nature.

*Garlic is great for supporting our natural immune functions, cardiovascular, and is even helpful when dealing with parasitic issues.

*Onion well known for her sulfur content that's what makes your eyes burn! This aspect of her is not only fantastic for supporting natural immune functions but makes her ideal for respiratory infection and even bladder infections.

*Horseradish is an amazing ally with enough of a kick to open up our stuffy, snotty, please just kill me now noses all while stimulating our natural immune functions, sore aching joints, and aiding our bodies with inflammation. I choose to use horseradish as the main source of "heat" for my fire cider due to her kick yet anti-inflammatory nature.

*Ginger is yet another ally that supports natural immune functions, digestive health, & circulation.

*Citrus is well known for it vitamin C content which you guessed it supports our immune system as well as helps with inflammation, please know I DO NOT use grapefruit in my blend as grapefruit interacts with many OTC medications.

*Jalapeno is fantastic for supporting circulation, immune system functions, and circulation.

*Raw Apple cider vinegar is great for supporting digestive health & is packed with vitamins/minerals.

*Raw Honey is ideal for supporting health with it's natural beneficial bacterial content & also supports our bodies in the fight against allergies.

When all of these supportive herbal allies and beyond are combined we get a powerful kick of immunity when our bodies need it the most!

2 oz glass bottle.



Did you know that every purchase gets us even closer to opening up our nonprofit hands-on herbal learning farm called "Dinner still needs cooking" a place where you can come and learn side by side with me for free?!

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