Usnea Tincture

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Usnea (Usnea Lichen)


*Supports our bodies natural immune system functions during times of bacterial and viral infections such as flu and staph.

*Supports natural lung health during times of respiratory infections.

*Supports our bodies natural ability to heal wounds when used externally.

 History and Folklore

 Usnea was believed to be the first ‘tinsel’ to decorate Christmas trees in Northern Europe.Interest in investigating lichens for their herbal properties was stimulated by the discovery of penicillin in World War II which prompted a search for other healing substances in plants. In indigenous North American traditions. Usnea represents the direction North and is believed to maintain the ‘lungs’ of the Earth. It is seen to have a sacred primeval relationship with the trees, protecting them against infections.

 Growth and Habitat

 Lichen are very very slow growing; they are mostly found on old growth trees within unpolluted habitats. They are very pollution sensitive, so aren’t often found growing significantly in cities. An abundance of lichen is often used as an indicator for sound environmental health of an area. They prefer coniferous trees and hardwood shrubs in forested and shrubby habitats.


All of my tinctures are made with fresh plant matter that has been either ethically wild crafted from contaminant free areas or it has been grown organically in my own garden! I use 100 proof food grade alcohol which means each bottle has 50% water 50% alcohol so each drop is a balanced 1:1 ratio and is ready to use straight out of the bottle! I offer two common sizes of lead-free glass dropper bottles 15ml & 30ml! The 15ml is ideal for your pocket and taking with you on trips and the 30ml is the perfect size for your remedy cabinet at home!

Each tincture label displays common use suggestions!

Did you know that every purchase gets us even closer to opening up our nonprofit hands-on herbal learning farm called "Dinner still needs cooking" a place where you can come and learn side by side with me for free?!

Always consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any prescription medications.

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