Spare changing for trauma: A memoir of pain & healing

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Expected release date is August 30th 2019


Over the years I have been pleaded with to write a book about my traumas as well as a book about herbalism. I quickly discovered there are some plant allies I simply can't talk about without sharing the very traumas that led to our deepened connection. So with this I have written, am writing, something that I'm not sure has ever been done before. 


A personal memoir of my homeless teenage years and an herbal healing book rolled into one.


I don't see how I would be able to do it any other way, you see my traumas are not something I separate from my healing. Whether that's physical or not, it just doesn't work that way for me. They are one in the same.


This book will not be an easy read. It also will not read like poetry, if that is what you are hoping for.


It will read like the brutal life of a young girl who was unknowingly enacting out bloodline trauma while unable to face her own lifetime's worth. That gravitated to the dangerous, the dirty, and the scars she seemed to have the need to collect.


It will read like serious wounds healed, broken bones and shattered notions of self vomited onto pages with no fair warning given to the brutality.


It will be embarrassing for me to share my own poor decisions as a teen. It will also be healthy for me to have a place for these things to rest outside of my own mind.


There will be tears. There will be plants. There will be know-how and recipes. There will quite possibly be a new gained understanding of who and why I am as a person. 


There will be healing.



Herbs to be discussed are Yarrow, Plantain, Dandelion, Elderberry, California Poppy.


Here are a few snippets from the beginning chapters of the book:


Yarrow Stops The Bleeding But Not The Trauma Of The Wound

"I slowly regained what I guess you could call consciousness to the crackle of a fire and what I could only guess was the sound of rocks bashing and scraping together. Soon the slight breeze shifted and the smoke that had been burning my eyes gave way to the familiar pungent smell of Yarrow. I faded in and out of reality a lot. I was not sure if I had been raped as I couldn't really feel my body. I saw an old teapot stained black from many campfires being filled with water, I saw the man throw more wood into the flames, I heard those rocks smashing again. I smelled the Yarrow even stronger now. I had a conscious thought, “If they kill me maybe they will bury me in the Yarrow field I keep smelling...” I oddly found comfort in that notion as I once again slipped out of consciousness.


I am not sure how long I was asleep. Suddenly this man was making me sit up and dumping a warm liquid down my throat, the first thing I had drank since the river. That smell of Yarrow had now turned into the bitter, astringent taste of earth and volatile oils. I felt every cell in my body scream for it as I gasped for air between the forced drinks. In that instant I realized this man who had not spoken a word was helping me. All night he woke me up and made me drink a whole cup of that fresh Yarrow he had been smashing up between those rocks and boiling in that old tea pot. I must have in all seriousness drank two gallons worth before I had to piss, that’s how utterly dehydrated I was."




Achillea millefolium


"Okay so to get back on track, how do these compounds of Yarrow in their natural state help us out with so many things?

The main actions of our ally here is styptic/hemostatic, which is fancy talk for stops bleeding. This is why she was such a helpful ally in keeping those soldiers from bleeding out, or my daughter when the dry air causes her nose to bleed, or me when I developed a peptic ulcer alone on a mountain and needed to get the bleeding under control!

But she is also an astringent, which means she tightens up. Imagine your cells are an open hand. She comes in and makes them a tightened fist, which is a good thing! It’s also what helps her as a styptic, or I should say that's what makes her one in the first place! Want an example of what loose tissue can cause and an astringent helps with for visual effect? Hemorrhoids! These annoying things are loose blood vessels and Yarrow can tighten them back up!

She’s an antiseptic, which means she inhibits bacterial growth so she stops infections in their tracks! This is why when she was placed in soldiers wounds, and their survival rate went up because she wasn’t just stopping the bleeding she was stopping infection, too! But unless we are going around getting stabbed (raises hand as someone who has legit been stabbed.), her antibacterial actions are best put to use for minor wounds and acne!

One area she really shines in is her action as a vulnerary, which means she helps heal up damaged tissue. It’s like a trifecta of healing. She stops the bleeding, prevents the infection, and then encourages new tissue growth! What is an example of this we can visualize? Gum disease! Odds are good if you have had gum disease of any kind you’re familiar with spitting up lots of blood when you brush dealing with the infection itself, and your gums were likely receding! Yarrow comes in and stops the bleeding, battles the infection, and repairs the damaged tissue!"


Below you will find some important information, please take a moment to read:


What is a pre-sale?

Basically you are buying your copy of the book before it goes to print. In fact when you buy a copy a copy is printed just for you! Please know we will remain open for pre-sales until we go to print! So no one needs to miss out!

Why are you doing a pre-sale instead of going directly to print?

I am self publishing! This means I don't have big investment backers that are paying to print hundreds of copies of my book. This way I can order exactly the amount I need when I need them! This also allows you to reserve a copy before I am even done writing it! So if you think of it this way I am actually creating a book just for you!

When do you expect to go to print?

I will go to print in mid to late August of 2019 or when I hit 5,000 copies reserved! Damn I know that is crazy ambitious but what the hell I'm gana go for it! However, If I somehow sell 5,000 copies within a month or so of going to pre-sale it may still be a bit before I go to print as I will need to finish writing it, but that also just gives more time for others to pre-order! Also if I am being honest, the more copies I order from my printing company the less each copy costs us to print! That's important because...

Every dime of profit made from this pre-sale goes directly towards opening up our non profit hands on herbal learning farm known as "Dinner Still Needs Cooking", because no matter what you are going though in life is't that the truth?

This will be a place where you can come and learn side by side with me as an equal in a hands on manner for FREE. A place where you can take workshops for FREE. A place where you can be my apprentice for FREE! There will be so much more offered as we continue to grow as a hard working and seriously functioning community that helps folks reconnect with the land! You can read more about it here:

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When will my book be shipped?

After printing has been completed and the books have been delivered to my ship fulfillment company expect your order to arrive via media mail within 7-10 business days. You will receive a notification via email when your copy ships out!

Can I buy your books to sell in my store?

You sure can! Any amount of 5+ copies ordered get's an automatic 10% discount and my book will have the legally required ISBN number to be setting on your shelf for sale!

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