Saint John's Wort Tincture

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Saint John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum)


*Supports our bodies natural immune function abilities in suppressing viral infections such as the flu, HSV and common cold.

*Supports our bodies during times of low feelings.

*Supports our bodies during sore conditions.


*Saint John's Wort interacts with a vast amount of prescription/non prescription medications, see an extensive list here.

 History and Folklore

There are many ancient superstitions regarding this lady, her name Hypericum is derived from the Greek and means 'over an apparition,' a reference to the belief that she smelled so obnoxious to evil spirits that a whiff of it would cause them to fly. The plant was given to have magical powers. 

Growth and Habitat

St. John's Wort is a perennial herb native to North America and Canada from Nova Scotia, Ontario Quebec south to the United States, eastern states. Found growing in open sunny or partial shady areas, along roadsides in dry, gravelly soils. Cultivation    St. John's Wort is easy to grow from seed or root division in spring or autumn, in any well-drained but moisture retentive soil. Succeeds in dry soils, prefers sun or semi-shade.

A woody branched root system produces many round, erect, stems branching at the leaf axis, which are covered with dark red dots, stems are solid dark red at base. Growing to a height of 1 to 3 feet, The leaves are opposite, sessile and smooth edged, oblong to linear, light green and smooth, covered with small transparent oil glands that look like holes, more visible when held to bright light. The cymes of yellow flowers, grow atop each stem. The five petals are dotted with black along the margins, the center or ovary is surround by many stamens, causing it to appear furry, flowers bloom from June to September. 


All of my tinctures are made with fresh plant matter that has been either ethically wildcrafted from contaminant free areas or it has been grown organically in my own garden! I use 100 proof food grade alcohol which means each bottle has 50% water 50% alcohol so each drop is a balanced 1:1 ratio and is ready to use straight out of the bottle! I offer two common sizes of lead-free glass dropper bottles 15ml & 30ml! The 15ml is ideal for your pocket and taking with you on trips and the 30ml is the perfect size for your remedy cabinet at home!

Each tincture label displays common use suggestions!

Did you know that every purchase gets us even closer to opening up our nonprofit hands-on herbal learning farm called "Dinner still needs cooking" a place where you can come and learn side by side with me for free?!

 Always consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any prescription medications.

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