Lavender Pine Pit Spritz 1oz(30ml)

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So um how's all this stress treating your armpit rankness levels?Yeah?Stress sweat reeks to high heaven because it's packed full of the stress hormone called cortisol that the bacteria in our armpits feast on!

When those bugs get to gorging themselves on our stress we end up smelling like we had an inappropriate encounter with a rotten onion & a skunk at the same time!

While we should obviously begin doing things to lower our stress levels so we don't stroke out in the meantime would ya like a hand toning down the bacterial orgy going on under there?

I've got ya covered quite literally!

Lavender Pines Pit Spritz

Fun fact:Did you know that moisture+oil=A bacterial explosion?So every time you use an oil based deodorant(like the stick you likely use)you step into a brutal cycle of stink as your sweat mingles with the oil to create said bacterial explosion?Super fun!

Right off the bat this lady is water/witch hazel based so there's no feeding those bacterial beasts in fact with witch hazels massive tannin load(Dry/Tighten)she actually does two things 1.)kills the bacteria via desiccating it(dried up like a mummy)2.)helps keep our armpits a bit dryer via the same drying actions!

When we combine her with magnesium flakes it's game on as this particular type of salt LOVES to attack bacterial loads with the added benefit of being absorbed easily through the skin.Did you know that low magnesium levels contribute to anxiety/stress & that statistically you're lacking in it?!So here we're battling stink & supporting our health!

These two things are great but let's finish up making this pit spritz legitz! A dance of whole herbal allies that are all about murdering not only bacteria but stank!Yarrow swoops in killing all gram positive bacteria on contact,Lavender with her sincere antibacterial nature, & we marry these friends together with towering ponderosa pine which gives us a kick of antimicrobial action!

Did I mention it smells amazing? No? It does!

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