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An infusion of grounding Sub alpine fir and soothing Vanilla Beans gives way to a powerful infusion of serious spiritual protection, root deep grounding, and negative energy reflection.

How so?

Sub alpine is a very strong plant ally traditionally used to not only chase out bad energy, negative thoughts and some serious nasty spirits but to give a deep sense of connection to the land and ground us in the moment we are existing in.

Vanilla bean pulls in love and a full heart with her scent she fills our energy with gentle kindness and softens the sharp edges of those around us.

I wear this when doing any strong readings or offerings.

I also wear this when venturing out into public to help me stay grounded and to keep negative energy away.

She has a lovely smell of a wild fir you have likely never smelled with a sweet undertone of vanilla.

You can apply this to you wrists, temples, and under the nose in times of overwhelm.

10 ml roller bottle



All of my salves/balms/butters/creams/teas etc are made with ethically wildcrafted whole herbs from contaminant free areas, organically grown in my personal garden or sourced from an organic producer within the united states. I only use organic oils, beeswax, and tallows.

My oils of choice are Avocado, Safflower, Coconut oil.

My honey is raw and local.

All salves, balms and most body butters contain beeswax.

I use absolutely no essential oils.

All of my oils are infused with herbals for 4-6+ weeks at a time away from the sun for deep slow and patient infusion of each plants herbal properties.

For creams/butters that contain water content, I use a proper FDA approved paraben free preservative at a minuscule but effective 0.2% level to prevent very dangerous contaminants such as molds/bacteria/yeast.

All metal tins are approved for heat contact, all tubes are BPA free, all plastic is recycled and BPA free, all glass jars are lead-free.

Did you know that every purchase gets us even closer to opening up our nonprofit hands-on herbal learning farm called "Dinner still needs cooking" a place where you can come and learn side by side with me for free?!

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