Here you will find all things extracted, let's have a quick look at things you may find in this section and how each differs!

This is a straight forward alcohol extract where plant matter is added and allowed to set for prolonged periods. The resulting liquid contains the extracted plants sought after herbal qualities and is generally taken in small droplet quantities. These extracts have a rather long shelf life.
This is a tincture with the addition of honey in the beginning tincturing stages. Why do we add honey? Besides it's sweet taste honey has the ability to extract water soluble properties from the fresh plant matter than alcohol alone cannot achieve. Also because of the honey content elixirs have a lower alcohol percentage than an average tincture.
This is a tincture where the plant matter has been removed after the prolonged setting period and allowed to simmer down repeatedly in spring water, essentially we are making a strong tea that we then add into the tincture. This gives us the added addition of the heat soluble properties of a plant that may be required to fully extract each plants herbal properties. Much like the elixir decoctions also have a lower alcohol to water ratio than a standard tincture.
Spirited oxymel:
This is a tincture where the plant matter is extracted with both alcohol and apple cider vinegar. Vinegar with her extremely acidic nature is ideal for breaking down the cellular structure in plant matter that hold the herbal properties within. Often this method is chosen for bitter herbs that may aid in digestion or for plant that have a very tough cellular structure. Honey may or may not be added to these blends.
Traditional oxymel:
This is a vinegar based extract that contains no alcohol content. Traditionally honey and vinegar are poured over fresh plant matter in separate jars and allowed to set for prolonged times, at the end the two are blended together. These have no alcohol soluble properties present so are often taken in larger amounts and have about a years shelf life.
Spirited Syrup:
This is a honey based syrup that has alcohol added during the long extraction process. This is so our syrups also have the alcohol soluble properties of any given plant we are working with. Once the extraction/infusing process is done the infused honey is simmered down into a thick consistency once again and a good majority of the alcohol content is cooked off. These syrups are used to make tea or taken tsps at a time.
We are proud to say that all of our tinctures are tested through SORA labs to ensure only the highest quality extracts end up in your hands!


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