Covid19 Effects

Things are crazy right now folks so I thought I'd take a moment to let you know not only how we are handling things but how this directly affects the shop.

Here at Wild Wood Apothecary, we are a self-contained business that has never been open to the public as it's just me, my other half, and at times my teenage kids helping with the final packaging process. Due to my son's severely compromised immune system, we went into self-isolation one month prior to ordered quarantine as I saw this coming via international news and made the call to begin isolation early for my son's safety.

All of our offerings as always are made in a cGMP commercial kitchen that resides here on our property where we practice daily sanitizing procedures of all surfaces, wear gloves, hairnets, and masks as we work. The masks are the only new addition to our workflow as we were already making sure we only produce in the cleanest environments possible!

Once we are done making our offerings we hire private sprinter vans to drive them to our ship fulfillment company, we load the vans ourselves with sealed boxes and the driver has extremely minimal contact with the boxes once unloading. We have chosen this route versus the standard Fedex/UPS route to not only cut down on unneeded contact but so our hard work does not become lost/damaged in the shipment process which is more common for large heavy boxes.

Please know our ship fulfillment company which is a family-owned business we have hired to process allllll of the orders we rapidly receive during shop updates are an FDA registered facility which means they are subject to weekly inspections. However to remain open during all of this madness they have been cut down to a bare-bones team of only 6 employees that must remain 6 feet apart making them work solo. 

We are also not their only clients so to put this into perspective there are six people doing their best to ship out the 2000+ orders I take in during shop updates but also all of the other orders from the differing businesses. All bushiness items have designated areas in their warehouse and mine are in an FDA approved climate-controlled section.

At this time we ask you to be understanding and patient when it comes to ship out times, while they will indeed be shipping out hundreds of orders each weekday we simply can no longer give estimated ship-out times because when they come and pass it causes undue stress on us and on the hard-working folks at the shipping company as we pass along the panic of unshipped orders.

It is also important to note that the postal service itself is also running behind with the sheer number of people who are now relying on them to deliver basically everything as going to the store is not a realistic option for many. This is also affecting international orders as custom offices are slammed with increased volumes on top of reduced staff.

As many of you know this is not the norm our shipment times are usually pretty reasonable for the number of orders taken in on a single day it is simply an effect of covid19 and at the moment is out of our control. 

All in all we are doing our collective best to continue being present here with you and we just like you are hopeful that as the year goes along things will begin to settle down and safely open back up!

Stay well & be safe my friends!


April Graham


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